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Ultra Running Clinic (10 Weeks)

Ultra Running Clinic (10 Weeks)

Ultra Running Clinic (10 Weeks)


Whether you want to increase your distance or sign up for an ultra marathon, this 10-week running clinic will focus on the essentials of running past 42.1 kms.

Featuring a different local ultra marathoner each week and specific topics to learn and consider when running longer distances. This will incorporate 20 minutes of specific facilitated instruction each week followed by a 45 minute run. Coupled with weekly long runs that will help progress to 50 kms (ideally completing Rockwall as a meet up event).

Specific topics discussed will be:

  • Pole Technique
  • Uphill Hiking/Running Technique
  • Running Downhill Like the Pros
  • Strength & Cross Training
  • Building Thoughtful Training Plans (A, B and C Races)
  • Gear: Packs, Shoes and Blister-free running
  • Diet
  • Strategies for Races
  • Nutrition and Hydration while Running
  • Running Technique and Efficiency

Dates: Monday’s starting on March 23rd through until May 25th. There is an optional 25K Race at 50% Race entry fee in Yakima, Washington on April 18th.

Registering for the class gets you:

  • A custom RunUphill Ciele hat
  • A starter pack of Spring Energy gels (all natural and vegan)
  • 15% off shoes and apparel at SkiUphill
  • 50% off Race Entry at Yakima 25K

Expertise can’t be faked and you will see the difference at RunUphill for shoe fitting to advice for local running trails.

See you there,

The RunUphill Team

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