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SVST Pro-Edge Beveler 91º

by Swix
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The Ultimate precision file guide. Machined to the exact desired degree, each file guide goes through a strict quality control process to insure degree accuracy.  All Pro-Edge Bevelers have machined relief for use with our file or stone clamping plate.  SVST manufactures these precision tools in a local machine shop, so we are proud to say they are built in the USA.  Comes in 1 degree through 7 degree bevels.

Pro Edge Bevel VIDEO

 The Aluminum Pro Edge Beveler without Stainless is great for those home tuners who want to sharpen their own edges.

The Aluminum Pro Edge Beveler with Stainless Plate is great for shop or home tuning,  Wear plate offers extended durability.
The Stainless Steel Pro Edge Beveler is the ultimate tool for shops that do a lot of hand tuning.  This tool will last forever.
The Double Duty is the perfect side edge beveler for the beginner tuner or the pro who likes to carry one with him on the mtn.