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SkiTrab Maximo 7.0

$679.95 $799.95 saving $120.00
SkiTrab Maximo 7.0

SkiTrab Maximo 7.0

$679.95 $799.95 saving $120.00

The Maximo is a ski designed for performance and safety on all types of snow. Perfect for when you are looking for a fun descent. Thanks to new Low Omega Profile technology, entry into and exit from a turn are greatly improved. 

The active progressive shape allows you to ski more easily using less energy. Available with two different types of flex to better satisfy the requirements of every ski tourer. Made in Bormio using consolidated lightweight Liwood technology which wraps the light wood core in 14 different layers with differentiated resistance.


Lengths available  171              178             185      
Weight (g) 1220             1280          1340   
Radius (m)  18.5             20.5            20.9 

121/90/110    (171cm)

121/90/110    (178 cm)

 121/88/110   (185 cm) 


The Maximo 70 is stiffer than the 60

3 years warranty

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