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Scott Superguide 95 Skis

by Scott
Original price $596.00 - Original price $596.00
Original price $596.00
$335.00 - $596.00
Current price $596.00
Length: 178 cm
Year: 2023-2024

Introducing the Scott Superguide 95 – a ski that defies expectations with its understated elegance. Beneath its unassuming exterior lies a world of remarkable capabilities. Engineered with low-profile traditional camber and a convenient tail skin slot, this ski boasts a sleek 95-millimeter waist, narrower than my usual off-piste choice. Yet, its secret lies in the synergy of a lightweight wood core enhanced with carbon/aramid reinforcement, delivering unparalleled predictability and responsiveness. While its width might leave some room for improvement during intense snowstorms, this ski excels for the majority of your backcountry adventures.

On groomed trails, the Scott Superguide 95 rewards your effort with exceptional performance. While it might feel unusually sturdy and rough on icy corduroy and refrozen terrain, it's important to note that few skis thrive in such conditions. As conditions soften, its lithe profile and consistent flex reveal a spirited playfulness that's hard to resist. If you seek a ski that harmoniously blends predictability and comfort in the backcountry, all while radiating energy on the slopes, look no further than the Scott Superguide 95. Your pursuit of an all-encompassing skiing experience ends here.

Lengths Available

170 cm, 178 cm, 185 cm


1440 g in 178 cm


21 m in 178 cm


130/95/115 (178 cm)


320 mm tip rocker, camber underfoot, short early rise


Sandwich Sidewall Semi-Elliptic Construction


Paulownia/Beech core, Carbon /Aramid Fibers


Daily Driver or technical skiing tool

Bottom Line

Predictability and Comfort