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Saint Henri - Silverio Nina

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size: 3/4 lb
Tasting notes: Lychee, Earl Grey, Apricot compote

We taste:

A delicate and lively cup at the same time, with notes of fruit and black tea. We like to enjoy it with or without milk, so it will be perfect for your espresso or cappuccino!

Infusion recipe

Dose of coffee: 18g

Volume in cup: 36g

Infusion time: 19s

The Bean

FARM: Oro Verde

REGION: Copacabana, Caranavi

COUNTRY: Bolivia

ELEVATION: 1550 meters

VARIETY: Caturra and Catuaí

PROCESS: Anaerobic wash


This coffee is washed anaerobically at the Beneficio de Caranavi, located near the Silverio farm. At the mill, the cherries are depulped and placed in a stainless steel tank. This equipment makes it possible to carry out fermentations with a very high degree of control. For this coffee, the air inlet is obstructed in order to eliminate the oxygen present, hence the name of anaerobic fermentation. After 48 hours of fermentation, the grains are washed, then dried in mechanical dryers until they reach a humidity of 11%. It is at this moment that the coffee passes into the dry mill and is sached in La Luna.


Silverio Niña is a producer part of Agricafé's Sol de la Mañana program, our export partner to Bolivia. This program aims to educate local producers by providing the necessary training and tools to improve the quality of their grains. Sol de la mañana takes the form of a school where producers spend 7 years before graduating. They are trained on all aspects of coffee production, such as seed planting, harvesting, pest prevention, and the financial administration of a coffee farm. It is thanks to programs like this that Agricafé holds its place as a leader in the world of specialty coffee. This lot of Silverio is composed of a mixture of Catuaí and Caturra. During the harvest, the pickers go to the farm early in the morning to start harvesting the ripe cherries. At the end of the day, Silverio delivers the cherries to the Beneficio de Caranavi, where they are washed anaerobically before being transported to the highest dry mill in the world, La Luna, at an altitude of 3600 meters.

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