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Saint Henri - Shantawene

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A floral cup that is distinguished by its sweetness. We appreciate this coffee for its balanced body with sweet notes of candied apple and honey. A delicate coffee, perfect for winter afternoons.

Infusion recipe


320g volume in cup

Infusion time: 3:10 min


The Bean

PRODUCER: 438 small producers

REGION: Shantawene, Sidama

COUNTRY: Ethiopia

ELEVATION: 1900-2300 meters

VARIETY: 74110,74116



After being sorted, the cherries are put to dry in the sun on raised beds for 36 to 72 hours. These allow air to circulate well, which creates uniform drying, and prevents defects that may be related to poor fermentation. Following fermentation, they are depulped and the grains are put back to dry until they reach a moisture content of 10 to 12%, which takes between 10 and 22 days.


This coffee comes from a washing station in the village of Shantawene, which is located between the village of Bombe and the mountain of the same name. The producers are members of an organization of more than 600 members located in various places in the mountain range near the village. All coffees are picked by hand, and carefully sorted. Thanks to the high altitude of coffee plants, the beans are dense and uniform, reducing the number of beans to be eliminated during sorting. This batch of natural coffee offers us a delicate and pleasantly sweet cup with notes of candied apple, honey and jasmine. The perfect coffee to enjoy in the afternoon to warm up this winter.

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