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Saint Henri - les carillons

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size: 3/4 lb

Notes: Gingerbread, Nougat, Dry apricot

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A coffee with a silky body but with lively notes to be enjoyed both in filter and in espresso. It is eaten rather black or with a touch of milk for a more comforting finish. A perfect cup for the holiday season.

Infusion Method:

  • To be enjoyed in espresso or filter
  • Black plus an intense cup, with a touch of milk for a comforting flavor
  • Rather as a filter for festive mornings

The grain

  • FARM: Several small farms
  • REGION: Gashoho, Muyinga and Shantawene, Sidama
  • COUNTRY: Ethiopia / Burundi
  • ELEVATION: 1672 and 1900-2300 meters
  • VARIETY: Red Bourbon and Ethiopian ancestral
  • PROCESS: Natural / Washed


A highly anticipated coffee every year during the holiday season, accessible to all coffee consumers, whether in espresso or filter. He will be a tasty guest for all festive occasions. In addition, $2 per bag sold will benefit the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.


The Carillons this year is back with 2 lots from East Africa. First of all, a washed coffee from Burundi that gives this coffee its silky and round body, with notes of citrus and honey. Coming from the Gikinko washing station, it is an assembly of the crops of more than 400 small producers. Then, a natural coffee from Ethiopia that adds intense notes of fruit, which stand out particularly well in espresso. This café comes from a washing station in the village of Shantawene, which is located between the village of Bombe and the mountain of the same name. The producers are members of an organization of more than 600 members located in various places in the mountain range surrounding the village. All coffees are picked by hand, and carefully sorted.

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