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Dynafit Blacklight 95 Skis

by Dynafit
Original price $707.00 - Original price $707.00
Original price
$707.00 - $707.00
Current price $707.00
Length: 165 cm

Late September 2023

These products haven't arrived yet in-store but they are expected soon!

Introducing the Blacklight 95: Your Ultimate Backcountry Powder Buddy! Weighing in at just 1,120 grams, this high-performance touring ski is the key to unlocking downhill thrills. As the shining star of the Blacklight Speed series, the Blacklight 95 is your ticket to powder paradise.

Built for the powder-hungry skiers who demand both downhill dominance and uphill efficiency, the Blacklight 95 delivers the goods. With its 95mm underfoot width, extended tip rocker, and sweeping turning radius, you'll be zooming down slopes and surfing through snow like a pro.

The 100% "UD" carbon top layer adds superhero strength while keeping things light—thanks to its fancy one-directional fiber arrangement. Underneath that slick exterior, a premium Paulownia wood core with a 3D twist cuts the weight without compromising stability. The tip and tail rocker and the sidecut are fine-tuned for each size, making the Blacklight 95 a real standout in the ski touring scene.

Ready for action, the Blacklight boasts a full ABS sidewall for power-packed performance and a base with a speed-hungry racing grind. Time to outpace your buddies in the "first turns" race! Embrace the spirit of the Blacklight 95 – your go-to companion for weightless, high-performance powder escapades.

Lengths Available

165 cm, 172 cm, 178 cm, 184 cm


1290 in 178 cm


18 m (165 cm) 19.5 m (172 cm) 21 m (178 cm) 22.5 m (184 cm)


126/94/114 (165 cm) 127/95/115 (172 cm) 128/96/116 (178 cm) 129/97/117 (184 cm)


Tip Rocker, Tail Early Rise, Camber underfoot


Semi-Sandwich Sidewall


Paulownia Core, Carbon overlays


Daily Driver that will get you through most situations from névé to low-density powder.

Bottom Line

The agile and racy feel of the Blacklight line, adapted to powder skiing and a broader ranger of users. Perfect as a daily-driver for shallower snowpacks.