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Saint Henri - Alejo Castro

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size: 3/4 lb

Tasting notes: Blackcurrant, White chocolate, Strawberry

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A café well representative of the wonderful work of the Volcan Azul farm. Its soft body and acidity marked by red fruits offer a remarkable cup.

Infusion recipe

  • 18g
  • 320g volume in cup
  • Infusion time: 3:20 min

The grain

  • PRODUCER: Alejo Castro
  • REGION: West Valley
  • COUNTRY: Costa Rica
  • ELEVATION: 1500 meters
  • VARIETY: San Isidro
  • PROCESS: Natural


The natural process, also known as the dry process, is a crucial aspect of coffee production in Costa Rica, and the most popular coffees in Volcan Azul very often use this process. On the farm, the fruits are picked to their optimal point. They are then spread out on a raised bed and dried in the sun. This drying lasts 9 days, leaving time for coffee to slowly lose moisture and develop its unique profile. Following this initial drying period, the coffee moves to another stage known as mechanical drying in Guardiolas for 24 hours. This ensures uniformity of drying and further stabilizes coffee grains.


Alejo is a 5th generation producer of a line of excellence in coffee production that began nearly a century ago. Volcan Azul cherries are dried under the Costa Rican sun in a natural process that brings each grain intense notes of red fruits. An additional day of mechanical drying, in guardiolas brings additional control in this process, increasing the consistency of the results. Its vibrant acidity is therefore balanced by sweet notes, in addition to a silky and soft body. This coffee is the result of a centenary of family traditions and commitment to quality and sustainability. The volcanic terroir of Volcan Azul, accompanied by impeccable processes, constantly produces exceptional coffees. Join us to celebrate through this coffee, this wonderful relationship with Alejo and his ardour for quality in the coffee.

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