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Cast Freetour Upgrade Kit

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The Cast Freetour Upgrade Kit redefines the term "no compromise" within the touring binding world. Installation involves modifying the Look Pivot 15 or 18 alpine toes for use with CAST’s patented and fully integrated quick-release mechanism, which allows the user to change out their modified Cast Freetour Pivot 15 or 18 alpine toes for a set of super-light pin-tech touring toes in a matter of seconds. Thus, creating the world’s first pin-tech touring system with the full reliability and safety of an alpine binding.

The Cast Freetour Upgrade Kit includes all of the components you will need to add touring capabilities to your Look Pivot 15 or 18 alpine bindings and utilizes the same Look Pivot hole pattern. Look Pivot 12 and 14 alpine bindings DO NOT work with the Cast Freetour Upgrade Kit.  The Cast Freetour Upgrade Kit does not include Look Pivot 15 or 18 alpine bindings.