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ATK Kuluar Brake

by ATK
Brake Width

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Looking to the future while maintaining the solid foundations that ATK's experience has to offer: this is what motivated the creation of the innovative “Kuluar”.

A revolutionary design based on simplicity and lightness, both visual and material. Weighing only 200 grams, it offers the skier a perfect companion for his adventures.

The “BRAKE” version, coming with the ski brakes is presented with 2 releases ranges:

  • The Kuluar 9 with adjustable lateral release value ranging from 4 to 9. The vertical release is fixed and managed by the minimalistic “U” spring: this component, inherited from ATK®’s racing models, is set in this configuration for medium to light-weight users.
  • The Kuluar 12 with adjustable lateral release value ranging from 6 to 12. Again, the vertical release value is fixed and controlled by the “U” spring installed on the heel, but in this second configuration, it is set for medium to heavy-weight users.

The heel piece is characterized by futuristic shapes offering an amazing look and an unmatched weight/reliability ratio!

What has not been reduced is instead its functionality.

  • 3 walking modes with just one heel flap (flat, +34mm, +50mm)
  • 20mm of boot adjustment thanks to the heel slide
  • 10mm of elastic travel of the heel part thanks to the Elastic Response System®, granting the natural ski flex, also in case of big jumps/compressions.

The toe part is inspired by the simplicity of the “Crest” collection and creates a perfect combination of lightness/reliability.

Kuluar, everything you need and nothing that you don’t.


      Weight 250 g (with brake)
      BSL Adjustment 20 mm
      Riser Heights Flat, + 26,5 mm ; +40 mm
      Vertical Release Fixed, Stiff or Soft
      Lateral Release

      Adjustable RV from 6 to 12 (Kuluar 12)

      Adjustable RV from 4 to 9 (Kuluar 9)

      Crampon Ready Yes, Included Crampon Slots

      Alu 7075

      Stainless Steel



      A lot more versatility than you'd think

      Ripping it up the skin track then ripping it back down the mountain


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