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ARVA AXIO Transceiver

ARVA AXIO Transceiver

ARVA AXIO Transceiver


Available Fall 2019. Contact us to pre-order. 

Both analog and digital, the AXIO transceiver is packed full of technology for rescue professionals and demanding users.

Dedicated to the most exigent users, the AXIO is the high-end beacon of the ARVA range. Thanks to the “SPHERIC SEARCH TECHNOLOGY”, the 60 meters bandwidth AXIO is the only beacon on the market processing an entire spherical search with 3 antennas working together. The 3rd antenna can be deployed to create a real landmark built by the 3 antennas of the beacon.

Learn more about how beacons work here


  • Signal: Digital & Analog
  • Search bandwidth: 60m
  • Auto check
  • Marking function
  • Mutiple victim indication: 5+
  • Frequence control measurement
  • Holster included
  • Auto Switch back to transmission
  • Interferences management
  • U-turn alarm
  • Updatable
  • Stand by mode
  • Scrolling function