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Week #2 - Debeck's Hill North Ridge

From the most hiked trail in the Sea-to-Sky corridor to an under-the-radar gem, week #2 takes us on the paths less travelled. 

Week #2 Challenge

Debeck's Hill North Ridge

GPX Track

Strava Segment Link

Please time yourself manually! Strava is cool and all, but there can be mistakes with GPS data and your Strava time might not reflect your actual time, especially if there are a bunch of different routes up. So please time yourself manually by doing a split lap on your watch or doing a full start-stop on your watch. This manual time is your actual result. Good for you if it ends up matching your segment time on Strava, but it likely won't. 

Getting to the segment:

There are a few options to get to the bottom of Debeck's North Ridge, either by parking at Depot Rd in Brackendale and following a trail called Wonderland northbound for just under 3km, or by parking at the Alice Lake exit and following Wonderland southbound for a few minutes. If you park off the highway at start of Alice Lake Rd it's only a few minutes to the start of the segment.  From the top of Debeck's Hill there are multiple options to make this challenge a fun loop, choose your own adventure.  

Option 1: Parking on Depot Rd and running Wonderland northbound for 2.7 km

Option 2: Park at the corner of Alice Lake Rd, then run Wonderland southbound until the creek crossing where the segment starts

The segment starts right after you cross the log over the creek. Start your watch just past the creek crossing. 

The segment finishes when you touch the metal fence at the top of Debeck's Hill
  • START POINT: As soon as you are across the creek after walking on the log
  • END POINT: Touch the fence post at the end of the trail.
  • Distance: 1.7km
  • Difficulty: Moderate/Challenging 
  • Elevation Gain: 300 meters
  • Surface: Expect dirt, roots and rocks with a few very short and easy hands-on steps.

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