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Queen and King of the Hill - Ha Ling

Week #2 - The Mega-Classic

Segment: Ha Ling Climb
I created a new segment with a finish line that should make it easier for your GPS watch to ping the summit sign. The issue with the current NEW HA LING (UP) segment is that its finish line is just a bit too far towards the North face. As a result your watch might not get pinged at the right place for the segment to end when you get to the top.The Ha Ling Climb segment should be more precise.

Length: 3.5 km
Elevation Gain: 810 m


Getting to the start: Park at Goat Creek Trailhead. Cross the gravel road and head up towards the water channel. You will need a Kananaskis Conservation Pass to park at the trailhead.

The Challenge: Ha Ling, THE classic Canmore hike and a hugely popular before/after work option for local trail runners. Let's see how your running legs are feeling after last week's power hiking contest on Exshaw Mountain. 


The segment starts at the bridge over the water channel, and it stops at the "do not throw rocks at climbers" sign at the very summit. Following the trail is extremely easy. Once you reach the col between Ha Ling and Miner's Peak, head for the summit of Ha Ling on the left by following the path of least resistance to reach the summit. Catch your breath, take a summit selfie and get ready for lots of "how far is it to the summit" questions on the way down. 

Tip: For a less crowded experience, we recommend attempting this segment in the morning or the evening. Avoid mid-day attempts if you don't want it to be a "slalom around hikers" effort. 

Apologies to Michelle Katchur-Roberts and Alison McPherson for forcing them up Ha Ling one more time... These crushers did Ha Ling 13.5 times in a day as an Everesting challenge last Fall!

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