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Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE
Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE

Queen and King of the Hill - Exshaw Mountain

 Park at the Prospector Parking Lot by the Exshaw Community Centre, not in front of resident's houses please!

Week #4 - Where it all started...

Segment: Exshaw Mountain

Length: 1.8 km
Elevation Gain: 435 m

Getting to the start: Park at the Prospector Parking Lot by the Exshaw Community Centre. From there, run to the start of Lower Prospector. The segment starts at the trailhead at the end of Fortress Mountain Way and heads up Lower Prospector. 

There are two parking locations in Exshaw:
▶️ Canadian Legion on Heart Mountain Drive
▶️ Exshaw School near Mt. Allen Drive
Other important reminders... please drive the speed limit when in town and respect the residents of the community (this means no going to the washroom except in a washroom). The bears are out in full force too, so bring your bear spray, know how to use it and bear call lots.


The Challenge

This is where it all started last Summer. So let's see how you guys stack up against last year's runners...!

The Exshaw Mountain trail is easy to moderate, and while you're there, might as well make it a 10 km loop for a great after-work outing. From the trailhead at the end of Fortress Mountain Way, follow the trail up for a few minutes until you hit a main junction. At this point, Prospector heads left, Exshaw Mountain heads right. Turn right on the Exshaw Mountain trail. Follow the trail up Exshaw Mountain and hike/run up the open slopes towards the summit. The segment finishes at the big cairn with the summit register box just shy of the true summit. 

Download GPX File Here

Getting back down: Two options are available. From the summit cairn, you can either come back down the way you came up. You can also keep following Exshaw Ridge for 1 km or so and make it a loop. At around 3 km from the start, turn left on a descent and follow the switchbacks back down to Prospector. Follow Prospector  back down to Exshaw. This loop is approximately 7 km long. 

Download the GPX file for the complete loop