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Queen and King of the Hill - East End of Rundle

Week #4 - The (Other) Classic

I highly recommend timing this segment manually with your watch. Do a split as soon as the trail starts, and then do another split when you reach the summit block. The segment is sometimes hard to pick-up because of the scree section near the summit, make sure you can submit a manual timing time. 

Segment: East End of Rundle
Length: 2.5 km
Elevation Gain: 820 m

Getting to the start

Parking: Park at Goat Creek. From there, run back up towards the reservoir, and the trail starts at the pylon.

The Challenge

This is another classic after-work workout. Basically no approach required, a good mix of easy trails, rock slabs and some scrambling. At the summit, the segment goes climbers RIGHT from the col towards the smaller "shelf".

After the meadow, there are a few different options to make it past the short scramble section. Some people head right around then scree field, and others punch it straight in the middle. It doesn't matter which way you take, but make sure you get a manual time in case you don't get the segment right with Strava. The summit is pointed with the white arrow in the picture below. The time for the challenge stops when you are standing on top of  that little shelf. 

See you out there! 

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