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Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE

Queen and King of the Hill - 2022

The Format

Every runner will randomly placed into a 64-person bracket. They will then go head-to-head in pairs to see who can post the fastest time on a hill climb. The runner who submits the fastest time of his or her pair advances to the next round. The runner with the slower time of the pair is eliminated.

The round of 16 will see the remaining runners face off on another uphill challenge. Once again, the faster runner advances. The end will see a Final Four compete for the crown of King and Queen of the Hill. Each round will feature a different challenge and last one week. Runners can attempt the weekly challenge as many times as they want during the week and submit their fastest time with GPS verification. 

All the challenges will take place on local Bow Valley climbs. You will have to run the tournament on the segment that is selected each week.  

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What if I get eliminated?

No worries. This year, we're adding a "General Classification" so you can still fight for position and improve your ranking even if you're eliminated from the main tournament.  Giv'er and see what you are capable of! 

The Prizes

The top four female and male runners will walk away with $1650 in cash prize.

Queen/King of the Hill - $350

Second Place - $250

Third Place - $150

Fourth Place - $75

All the runners who complete all the challenges will be entered to the prize draw at the end of the tournament. 

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