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Rabbit EZ Tee LS Allyship (M)

par Rabbit
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rabbit x Alexis Politz

For GivingTuesday, rabbit was honored to collaborate with Alexis Politz and donate 100% of sales from these limited-edition Allyship EZ Tee LS to The Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Alexis Politz (they/she) is a queer illustrator and designer living in Minneapolis, MN. They have been creatively working with bands, organizations, and small businesses for over 8 years. Alexis hopes to continue being an accessible resource for those beginning their passions as well as a professional asset for established companies to uplift the work of their community.

"Allyship is an incredibly important aspect of being a person and living in a community with others. We have our own set of struggles and intersections that make us unique while also sharing a collective understanding with others. We have to support and work to better understand others who may have less privilege than us but it's not a one-time thing - it has to be a lifelong commitment to doing our best.

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project is special to me because it provides resources to trans and gender-nonconforming people of color - a marginalized intersection of folks who need more social and financial support because our system does not outright support them." - Alexis Politz

Let's run together and commit to uplifting the communities that truly represent the running world.

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