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Cilao Ski Carry Kit

par Cilao
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Customization kit to attach a pair of skis diagonally to a backpack. Ideal for ski mountaineering competitions.

Take your skis off your back fast, without removing your backpack. SKI CARRIER kits are removable and compatible with different backpacks.

Composition of kits:

  1. Hook & loop fastener system: to be placed on a shoulder strap
  2. Elastic band with hook & loop closure: to be tied using a cow hitch to the ring located on top of the bag
  3. Ring: to be tied using a cow hitch on a right or left strap on the bottom of the bag

Instructions on how to install skis:

Insert the pair of skis into the lower ring, then lock the skis on top using the clip to attach to the strap of the pack.