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BV Sport Booster Elite EVO2 Compression Sleeves

par BV Sport
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  • The BOOSTER Elite EVO2 combines the latest textile innovations and BV Sport's several validations and scientific studies.
  • The new compression calf sleeve has been designed using several types of mesh (ultra-flexible/flexible/semi-rigid/rigid) to exert specific pressure on the calf, shin and ankle.
  • The SHOCKWAVE EFFECT, the major innovation on the entire BOOSTER Elite Evo2, reduces up to 42% the vibrations and muscle oscillations produced by the shock wave that is created by each impact of the feet on the ground.
  • The CALF SUPPORT unique compression principle patented by BV SPORT and targeted at the calf, significantly improves venous return, enhancing muscle, tendon and ligament's oxygenation.
  • The combination of these innovations allows a 39% reduction in post-exercise muscle aches.
  • Regular use of the BOOSTER ELITE EVO2 delays the onset of heavy legs, increases the threshold for fatigue, reduces the risk of muscular aches, considerably lowers the risk of injuries and muscle damages and prepares the body for recovery from the outset.
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