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Massothérapie et physiothérapie - Cliquez ici

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  • Skimo Co & SkiUphill Partnership

    Skimo Co & SkiUphill Partnership

    Partnerships in business can be win-win if you’re willing to work with what you think is your competition. The end goal should be to increase the sport of ski touring and helping to ensure the customers win with strategic partnerships. We have been fortunate to partner with for knowledge and advice for boot fitting, mounting and equipment.
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  • Because it's 2017: Uphill Skinning at Resorts

    Because it's 2017: Uphill Skinning at Resorts

    Aspen-Snowmass will rent and demo Dynafit for uphill skiing starting this Winter. The news came out last week. One step closer towards wider acceptance of "fitness" skiers in resorts across North America. All year we have been hearing about major ski destinations across the US increasing their service offerings by allowing uphill skiing/skinning inbounds at an affordable price. "Major" as in Vail, Crested Butte, Beaver Creek and Park City. Sixty resorts in total. Yes, you read that right, 60 resorts allow you (with different policies) to skin uphill inbounds for a few well deserved descents. 
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