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  • Tails on the Trails - Trail Running with your Dog

    Tails on the Trails - Trail Running with your Dog

    We are so fortunate in Canada to be able to share the National and Provincial parks with our dogs. As a trail runner, biker, hiker, skier and dog owner, I love being able to enjoy my favorite outdoor activities with my ever-enthusiastic adventure partner, Arnie. We are often on the trails with other dog owners, so I wanted to share with the trail community some of the frequently asked questions I get asked as a veterinarian about ‘trail dogs’.  

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  • Winter Running 101

    Winter Running 101

    As soon as the temps get colder and the snow starts falling people change from running to winter sports like cross country skiing, backcountry and resort skiing and other winter sports. Running is a winter sport in many areas while others stay clear of it. Growing up in Manitoba made me a winter runner and many days were spent running in -30C weather. So what are some things to think about when heading out for a run in colder weather?
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