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  • Movement Skis: An Overview for 2019

    Movement Skis: An Overview for 2019

    Iconic in Europe, Movement is not as well known on our side of the Atlantic. While most people in our neck of the woods haven’t heard much of this Swiss brand, those who have skied on their apple-adorned skis know how special they are.

     Last year, we had the chance to spend the Winter skiing a pair of Movement Session 89 in everything from icy couloirs to deep powder, and we were very impressed by their versatiliy. As a matter of fact, we still reach for those skis most of the time despite having a few brand new skis in our quiver. Here is a rundown of their skis for this year.

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  • Backcountry Ski Gear: Our Favourite Picks for this Winter (Part 1)

    Backcountry Ski Gear: Our Favourite Picks for this Winter (Part 1)

    Colder nights and the occasional dusting of snow can only mean one thing: ski season is approaching! Although it has been a busy Summer for us, we have once again carefully curated a wide selection of backcountry skiing gear from our favourite brands. It’s one of those times where if the maximal amount of skis was really (n+2), we would have a really hard time not buying every single model for ourselves. This is the stuff that we believe in and the stuff that will us and you to incredible places this Winter. Here are, as a preview, some of our top gear picks for 2018-2019. 
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  • Initial Review: Inov-8 TrailTalon 250

    Initial Review: Inov-8 TrailTalon 250

    Hey guys!

    So we thought we would start doing some gear reviews of the products we have a change to test when we get out. Our goal with those is to provide you with an honest and realistic opinion of the products we carry here at the store. We carefully curate everything that ends up on our shelves, so there won't be many bad review, but no product is perfect.

    So anyway, here you go, this is our first review, and we are talking about the Inov-8 TrailTalon 250, a minimalist 4mm trail racing shoe :)

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