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  • Backcountry Ski Gear: Our Favourite Picks for this Winter (Part 1)

    Backcountry Ski Gear: Our Favourite Picks for this Winter (Part 1)

    Colder nights and the occasional dusting of snow can only mean one thing: ski season is approaching! Although it has been a busy Summer for us, we have once again carefully curated a wide selection of backcountry skiing gear from our favourite brands. It’s one of those times where if the maximal amount of skis was really (n+2), we would have a really hard time not buying every single model for ourselves. This is the stuff that we believe in and the stuff that will us and you to incredible places this Winter. Here are, as a preview, some of our top gear picks for 2018-2019. 
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  • Skimo Co & SkiUphill Partnership

    Skimo Co & SkiUphill Partnership

    Partnerships in business can be win-win if you’re willing to work with what you think is your competition. The end goal should be to increase the sport of ski touring and helping to ensure the customers win with strategic partnerships. We have been fortunate to partner with for knowledge and advice for boot fitting, mounting and equipment.
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  • Commonwealth Peak, North Face Couloir

    Commonwealth Peak, North Face Couloir

    By Kieran Crimeen

    A couple of weeks back Joel got a heads up from one Andrew Wexler aka The Best Skier On The Mountain that he should check out Commonwealth Couloir. This was a line I’d put on my ‘never even consider’ list so I was apprehensive to say the least. Still, Joel has a winning smile and it’s hard to say no to the guy so we went up for a look.

    We were stymied at the first cliff band by snow, rock, spindrift and a general lack of ability. Retreat was the only option but the fires in the Temple of Stoke had been, well, stoked.

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  • Why Are You Here?

    Why Are You Here?

    Why are you here? It's a great question that businesses should ask themselves when they are starting out. What do you want to accomplish or achieve by doing what you do? It's something that we have been talking a lot about as we are getting ready to open our doors this fall. Why are we here? And we get it, that you should sell something to keep those doors open. But beyond that. What gets you up in the morning? Keeps you up working on the thing late at night? There are shops everywhere selling things and doing that. Some well, some not so well. But beyond selling something, what is your purpose?
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  • Slow then fast

    Slow then fast

    We are well into renovations for our new space at 906 Bow Valley Trail. It’s great to be able to say that 8 days after getting the keys. Scott and Nicole, my brother and sister-in-law came in last minute to help with renovations and we were so thankful to get a big head start and some great knowledge on ‘how tos’ from them. I guess that is what we can say about so many things since we started this idea to where we are now. We are grateful for the community that is out there to help and give great advice.
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  • Mt Robson - The Art of History Making

    Mt Robson - The Art of History Making

    In the autumn of 1995 the north face of Mount Robson was finally skied. With little fanfare and no media presence, Ptor Spricenieks and Troy Jungen, from Whistler, walked to the mountain, climbed to its summit and the descended the giant face. (...) Spricenieks recalled, "We dropped in right off the summit and it was really, really, really, really steep and really, really big and we were way scared. It was great." Quoted from Powder Pioneers by Chic Scott
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  • Skinning Technique - How to Start An Argument When Skiing Uphill

    Skinning Technique - How to Start An Argument When Skiing Uphill

    I love mellow skin tracks. I love being able to glide effortlessly up a slope while staying flat on my skis. Each time I went to Utah I found myself cursing about those "in your face straight up" skin tracks. It seemed like I spent my entire time on the highest riser position. Being on a race heel with only 1 riser, I cursed a lot. More efficient or not? I don't think there is an answer to that...

    Here in the Rockies we have long and flat approaches and I don't encounter many skin tracks that are too steep. Usually, if I can't keep going (with my race heels) it probably means that I should bootpack. I noticed from talking to fellow skiers that certain concepts are quite universal no matter how steep you like to ski uphill.

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