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Meet the Dream Team: Arnaud Côté Boisvert

Meet the Dream Team: Arnaud Côté Boisvert

Our newest and youngest team member is coming directly from Quebec for the Summer. His mission: to offer you the best advices and knowledge for everything trail running and to crush the trails all Summer. Arnaud is one of those guys who will always say yes to any adventure as long as it involves human-powered activities and exhaustion! Meet Arnaud, adventure racer, trail runner, backcountry skier and SkiUphill dream team member!

Age: 22

Where are you from? Originally from Drummondville (QC) but I have been living in  Orford (QC) for the past 6 years ago.

Tell us a little about yourself. As far as I remember I’ve always loved the outdoors. I grew up close to a river and I used to go paddleboarding or waterskiing with my uncle. When I discovered the big mountains in Italy in 2015 I knew that this was another place where I belonged. Since then I have been trail running, backcountry skiing and skimo racing. I am always looking for new adventures out there. 

What sports did you practice as a child? Back in high school I was playing basketball, and doing water skiing/wakeboarding. After I moved to the eastern-townships of Quebec for my college degree, I ran cross-country but got injured so I moved to skiing. 

What brought you to the mountains? I would say the freedom that comes with it. We have some mountains in Quebec but never as big as the ones out west. I simply love the alpine and I think that there are not a lot of places where you can feel as free as here. The scenery here is amazing and the people are just so inspiring. 

What “personal touch” do you bring to SkiUphill? I have always been drawn to work with people who are truly passionate about the outdoors. The guys at SkiUphill love what they do and they put all their heart into it. I guess I am a lot like them. I also like to share with people, I really like to learn from everyone I meet on the way. Canmore is full of amazing and inspiring outdoor enthusiasts that I can’t wait to meet during the evening or morning runs. I think there is nothing better to share and learn from someone than to go out in the mountains with him or her.  Thats what I intend to do this summer at SkiUphill.

What draws you to trail running?

As I said earlier, the freedom that comes with it. Knowing that I can move from point A to point B in the mountains while relying solely on my own legs is very rewarding plus the scenery is amazing!

 What is your favourite area to ski? I haven’t been skiing that much out West yet. I would say for now that my favourite place is probably the Chic-Chocs in Quebec. The snow is amazing there and the fact the those mountains are close to the St-Lawrence River makes the area very snowy. 

I’ve been in Italy and Switzerland as well, I could probably say that those places are not that bad either ;) 

But I cant wait to just get some turns in in the Rockies!

What are your other hobbies/interests? Of course skimo and trail running but other than that, bouldering, xc skiing, cyclocross and adventure racing!

What’s your ideal day out in the mountains? “Happiness can only be found when shared”. Cheesy but true. As long as the time spent out there is shared with friends it is always a good day no matter what the conditions are like. Every day is a good day if spent with good people. But I would say that an early start with a sunrise and a long fast and light day with the sunset at the end is probably the best thing… a long overnight traverse with some bushwhacking is even better! That pretty much sums up a short and nice adventure race. 

What was your ski setup this Winter?

Race setup: Blizzard Zero G Race with a rebranded ATK/Black Diamond binding and Scarpa Alien 1.0 boots. 

Powder setup: Blizzard Rustler 10 with Dynafit Superlite 2.0 bindings. 

4-season setup: Dynastar Eagle with Plum 150 bindings

What is your go-to running shoe? Inov-8 Trailtalon 290! An amazing shoe with a 8mm drop that still feels close to the ground is the perfect mix for me. 

Favourite coffee? From far a Double espresso!!! Either the Rave’s Papua New Guinea, or the 49 Parallel Kaphee special mix! 

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