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  • 2022-2023 Season Preview
    septembre 22, 2022

    2022-2023 Season Preview

    Backcountry skiing’s been booming for a while now, but it’s exploded in popularity these past few years. Thanks (?) to COVID and a renewed enthusiasm for the paths less travelled, more skiers than ever are earning their turns, connecting in a deeper way with the mountains and the wilderness. Is this going to be the year we’ll start talking about overcrowding? It’s certainly been becoming more and more of an issue although compared with popular destinations we are still faring pretty good. 
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  • Meet the Dream Team: Florentin Guinnefollau
    septembre 1, 2022

    Meet the Dream Team: Florentin Guinnefollau

    Florentin Guinnefollau

    What “personal touch” do you bring to SkiUphill / RunUphill?

    My Personal knowledge on gear, a French touch without the moustache, the hat and the “French baguette”.

    What other sports are you interested in?

    Doing a lot of ice climbing in the winter time and dry tooling/road biking/mountaineering in the summer time. Put me on a lake with a STUP and you will make my life wonderful too.

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