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Fischer Transalp Tour + Intuition ProTour MV Package (M)

by Fischer

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While the Transalp is an fantastic boot, our bootfitters often recommend an Intuition ProTour liner as a great solution to reduce volume and get a more precise fit. Here's your chance to grab your next freetouring boots with the BEST liners on the market for a steal! 

N.B. the Intuition liner provided is the 1/2 size up from the shell size as recommended by Intuition.

Strong, light, easy to handle: The Fischer Transalp Tour is a versatile freetourer with uncompromising power transmission.

Its material mix of Pebax Rnew® (shell) and TPU (cuff), the unique Power Buckle System and the pre-shaped, reinforced liner ensure great stability and excellent downhill performance. Weighing only 1350 g, with 80 degree cuff rotation, this touring ski boot makes repeated ascents a piece of cake. The double lock Ski/Walk mechanism brings additional stability and security. All buckles and straps are intuitive and can be operated with just one hand on this very capable touring boot.

Weight 1375 g (Size 26.5)   Verified
Shell Pebax RNew
Cuff Thermo Polyurethane
Liner Active Fit Zone - Transalp
Forward Lean 14 Degrees + Optional Spoiler
Range of Motion 80 Degrees
Buckle Closure 2 Buckles + Power Buckle

Tech, Kingpin

ISO 9523

Last Width 100 mm 
Boot Sole Length 284 mm (Size 25.5)
294 mm (Size 26.5)
304 mm (Size 27.5)
314 mm (Size 28.5)
324 mm (Size 29.5)
334 mm (Size 30.5)

Ski Touring

Category-Breaking performance  

Huge range of motion without compromising the descent 

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