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K2 Wayback 88 Skis

by K2
Original price $526.00
Original price $526.00 - Original price $563.00
Original price $526.00
Current price $263.00
$263.00 - $301.00
Current price $263.00
Length: 160 cm
Style: 2021-2022


Embark on epic adventures with the legendary Wayback 88, a ski with pedigree from the breathtaking Alps to the awe-inspiring Himalayas, and even braving the icy realms above the Arctic Circle. It's no wonder guides and professionals can't get enough of it!

Crafted with K2's cutting-edge T3 construction and infused with a Ti SpYne, this ski is as tough as nails. Its core, made of featherlight Paulownia Tour Lite, receives an extra dose of strength from carbon overdrive. Brace yourself for the most solid and confidence-inspiring touring experience imaginable!

The Wayback 88 always has your back. It effortlessly cruises on the ascent, showcasing its true versatility. And the best part? It weighs a mere 1270g (174cm). Yes, you read that right! K2 pushed the boundaries of lightweight design, making the K2 Wayback 88 the unrivaled champion of touring ski performance.

Get ready to conquer the mountains in style and with unwavering confidence. The Wayback 88 has set the bar so high that others can only dream of reaching it. Join the ranks of adventurers who choose nothing but the best.


Tests and Reviews

Ski of the Year - 2019 SkiAlper Buyer's Guide

“The brand new lightweight construction of the Wayback meets the most widespread expectations in classic touring and is the perfect tool for difficult descents that require impeccable behaviour. Whether it’s difficult snow or slopes or steep lines, the Wayback 88 is, in our opinion, the ski that can help the greatest number of ski-mountaineers to climb efficiently and ski down everything that can be thrown at them. It is no longer the elastic and round Wayback from before and is geared towards stronger skiers although it will stay enjoyable for less aggressive skiers”

What Confessions of a Ski Bum thinks:

I very much see the K2 Wayback as a “dependable, predictable backcountry tool”. Dependable as they last long and can also take a wicked beating (I am not easy on gear, I ski over rocks in summer, I get a lot of core shots from rocky terrain, etc). Predictable as the snappy flex and stiff underfoot reacts to the conditions the same every time, AKA: once you get to know the ski it will be your own lack of reaction when you wipe out. I often use the word “tool” to first describe this ski because I view it as such, this one is for getting serious work done in the backcountry – smashing cornices, ski cutting, long and fast missions, bashing skin tracks in dense wind slab… but it’s not a toy. You aren’t going to want to grab the Wayback 88 to ski rolling deep powder… well, you aren’t… I sure as hell have learned to love it over the years 😉 Read the full review here

Lengths Available

160 cm, 167 cm, 174 cm, 181 cm


1282 g in 177 cm


20 m (174 cm)




Gradual Touring Rocker, short and low early rise tail


Full Sidewall


Paulownia Core, Titanal Spyne


Great guide-style ski, perfect for variable conditions

Bottom Line

Comfortable, confidence-inspiring and stable