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Voile SuperCharger

$699.95 $899.95 saving $200.00
Voile SuperCharger

Voile SuperCharger

$699.95 $899.95 saving $200.00

Attention details maniacs, over-discriminators and general malcontents: Your ski has just arrived.

Now, before you think it’s an even-stiffer and more-aggressive version of the original Charger, think again, because the SuperCharger is absolutely none of those things. In fact, it’s a ski probably more akin to our venerable V8. Except that it’s not quite as fat. And has a slimmer waist. As well as a wider, hard-working tail. Oh, and a more-subdued version of Voilé's signature “Hybrid Rocker.”

You can expect it to stick and hold a well-carved turn, yet weave through tight trees and rocks with ease. And, of course, it wouldn’t bear our quirky name if it couldn’t hold it’s own in powder.

So, for skiers on either coast, and all points in-between, this might be the ideal ski. For skiers who enjoy making a variety of turn shapes and sizes in an even-larger variety of terrain and snow conditions, so much the better. And for skiers who just want to work a bit less while tearing up the hill, ditto that, too.

Lengths available 171 cm, 178 cm, 185 cm      
Weight (g) 1743 g  @ 178 cm  verified
Radius (m) 19.5 m @ 178 cm

137/104/121     (171 cm)

140/106/124     (178 cm)

143/108/126     (185 cm)