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ANIÁN Tin Cloth Hat

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Color: Sail

This ultimate city hat - It might not be flashy, but ANIÁN's waxed cotton Tin Cloth Hat wears comfortably and holds up through the years. For its weather-shedding design, we owe a tip of the cap to long-ago sailors who found that wet sails caught the wind more efficiently than dry—an observation that eventually led to rubbing grease or fish oil into sails, and later to the use of paraffin wax to create a sturdy fabric capable of stopping the wind. Flexible, windproof and waterproof—and nicknamed ‘Tin Cloth’ for its incredible durability—waxed cotton also allows warm-weather breathability, making it an ideal material for a hat you can wear in summer sun, autumn sleet and almost any forecast in between.

  • traditional mid-crown, five-panel design with a standard brim
  • a leather strap with antique embossed Á brass buckle adjusts at the back.
  • Breaking in for a custom fit, the cotton can be re-waxed when the coating eventually wears off.
  • And unlike mesh-backed trucker hats, it’ll keep the bugs at bay on camping trips—or even double as a water bowl for a thirsty pup.

Made in Canada