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Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE
May 8th 2022 - Guy Lafleur Trail and the Bow Corridor

May 8th 2022 - Guy Lafleur Trail and the Bow Corridor

Another week of Spring, another week of unsettled weather for the weekend (as of Monday at least)

Here's the long-range forecast for Canmore, and once again it isn't looking too good for next Weekend.

Let's keep things simple and run a classic segment of the Trans-Canada Trail along with the Guy Lafleur Trail. 

What are the trails like?

Rolling terrain, snow-free trails, our journey will take us from Three Sisters to the Trans-Canada Trail and back through some of the lesser known trails around Canmore. It's another great trail systems to check out in the Spring! 

Where/when are we meeting? 9 am at Stewart Creek in Three Sisters

The Groups:

  • Social Pace; This will be a 2 hour run with an approximate distance of 15km led by RunUphill's own Gavin Harmacy! Loud laughter and good times are usually a staple with this group.
  • Shorter Run; This will be about 75 to 90 minutes max and an approximate distance of 13-15 kms. This will be a bit of a quicker pace but the shortest duration of run.
  • S.B.D (Social but Distance); This group will be out the longest for a 2.5 to 3 hour run with an approximate distance of 24km. This group will need some extra snacks.

Don't forget to bring bear spray!

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