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Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE
August 7th - Rockbound Lake/Castle Mountain

August 7th - Rockbound Lake/Castle Mountain

Two options for the August 7th Long Run:

1) Social/Chill Paced Group : Rockbound Lake - Helena Peak

  •  From the Castle Mountain trailhead, we'll do an out-and-back to Rockbound Lake. From Rockbound lake it'll be possible to summit Helena Peak or Castle Mountain depending on conditions and your ability. 
  • It's a 20 km roundtrip to Rockbound lake with around 800m of elevation gain and around 25 km if you add Helena Peak to your day.
  • Non-technical trail on the frontside for the first 7 km, then semi-technical to technical as you get closer to Rockbound Lake. 
  • We are in need of a volunteer to lead this group. Email us at if you're interested and we'll figure out a reward ;)

2) Faster Group / Difficult Option - Protection Mountain to Stuart Knob Traverse

  • This is a long and full-value day in the alpine, including some hands-on scrambling and some long sections off-trail on scree.
  • 32 km, 2100 m of elevation gain
  • This is a committing mountain run, there is no possibility to bail once you're on the ridge to Protection mountain until Rockbound Lake.


  • We'll meet at 8 AM at the store for those who want to carpool
  • We'll all meet at 8:45 at the Castle Mountain Trailhead just east of the 93S junction on the Highway 1A
  • For the harder run, we'll leave some of the cars at the trailhead, then we'll fill a few cars and drive over to the start of the run. This longer option is a point-to-point run.
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