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Meet the Dream Team: Becca Newton

Meet the Dream Team: Becca Newton

Don't underestimate our newest Dream Team member. Behind her quiet and calm veneer, Becca is a true all-around adventurer always looking for the next challenge. Whether it's on rock, on skis, on ice or on the trails, watch for the silent crusher! You'll often find her tea in hand using her extensive experience to talk skis/running equipment or working on some boots in the back. As a result, we now carry a selection of teas as well as coffee in-store ;)

Where are you from?

I am originally from the UK, but moved to the Rockies in 2015 to ski and climb.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I studied Geography at University, in my final year I joined the Mountaineering society. It turned my life around and I quickly became obsessed with outdoor sports. After finishing my degree I moved to France to ski, which was fantastic but found the crowds difficult, Canada suits me much better!

What sports did you practice as a child?

I grew up with avid hikers for parents, all our family holidays involved going into the countryside and exploring new areas on foot. This set me up with a great love for the outdoors. Otherwise I used to do ice dance and archery as well growing up.

What brought you to the mountains?

I decided to not do another ski season after France as I wanted to stay in the UK and fell race all winter. Pretty quickly into the season I developed compartment syndrome in my shins. This quickly put a stop to my training, but to keep me sane I needed to plan something to look forward to. My friend had just returned from Canada and only had positive things to say, so I decided to plan a trail running adventure to the Canadian Rockies. I quickly fell in love with the area and decided to stay for the winter to backcountry ski. Best decision I have made!

What “personal touch” do you bring to SkiUphill?

I have worked in outdoor retail for 6 years, so bring with me to SkiUphill a large base of knowledge of equipment and apparel. Delicious tea is also now available in the store as a result of my arrival. Love a good cup of tea! 

What draws you to trail running?

I was originally drawn to running to try and get fit so I could keep up with my climbing partners on the approaches, but once I got past the initial suffering of starting to run, I fell in love with moving fast and light. I ran alone a lot initially, which was incredible peaceful, but since moving to the Rockies have discovered the fantastic community that we have here and how sociable running can be. 

What is your favourite area to ski?

Little Yoho Valley is by far my favourite area to ski. The presidents and terrain around the Stanley Mitchell hut is awesome ! I would love to also spend more time checking out the terrain around the Louise and Richard Guy Hut.

What are your other hobbies/interests?

Climbing is my next passion after skiing and running. Otherwise I love to cook, do yoga and paint.  

What’s your ideal day out in the mountains?

My ideal summer day would involve a late start at a cafe for tea and cake, followed by an easy paced long run to a remote area with a bunch of friends. In the winter however I love to start early and be skinning up our objective when the sun comes up with good friends and lots of stoke. A long day on may skis is so rewarding! 

What is your ski setup this Winter?

I have a pair of K2 Mindbender 106 C Alliance 159 cm with a SkiTrab Vario.2 binding. It's a super fun and playful ski that doesn't feel like its width in firm conditions. In the spring I am more of a traverse skier than a steep skier. I like to pack my bag with camping gear and go adventuring for a few days to explore more remote parts of the Rockies, so I will be getting some fresh SkiTrabs! 

What is your go-to running shoe?

I have just purchased the King MT and Superiors from Altra so I a officially part of the zero drop cult. Plus I just love how great the shoe looks! But I also run in Uragano GTX from La Sportiva in the Winter. 

Favourite coffee?

My favourite coffee is a mocha (minus the coffee ;)) 

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