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Movement Skis: An Overview for 2019

Movement Skis: An Overview for 2019

Iconic in Europe, Movement is not as well known on our side of the Atlantic. While most people in our neck of the woods haven’t heard much of this Swiss brand, those who have skied on their apple-adorned skis know how special they are.

 Last year, we had the chance to spend the Winter skiing a pair of Movement Session 89 in everything from icy couloirs to deep powder, and we were very impressed by their versatiliy. As a matter of fact, we still reach for those skis most of the time despite having a few brand new skis in our quiver. Here is a rundown of their skis for this year.

A bit of history

Did you know that Wild Duck was founded in 1981 as a snowboard company? 18 years and thousands of snowboards later, Wild Duck leaves the saturated snowboard market to embrace the parabolic ski trend. Movement skis is born in 2001. Quickly, their apple-adorned skis gained popularity in Europe.

Interesting fact; the Movement logo is an apple and a Swiss cross. The apple refers to the legend of William Tell and his apple-shot.

Movement skis are designed in Puidoux, Switzerland. R & D is done in collaboration with high profile athletes like Aurelien Ducroz and their factory in Tunisia. The factory uses some of the equipment from the Authier factory (those who grew up on straight skis might recognize the name of the iconic Swiss brand). 

And now for the skis

The Movement backckountry line-up is divided in 4 families: Touring, Session, Race Pro and Alp Tracks. At SkiUphill, we focus on three of these families, the Session, the Alp Tracks and the Race Pro. One thing you will notice is that, like many other European manufacturers, we are staying far away from the North American massive waist width and focusing on sizes that are better adapted to a broad range of conditions (that sounds a lot like the Rockies). 

The Session family is Movement’s workhorse designed to satisfy strong skiers while staying easy and lively. This light, efficient and hard-wearing range aims at offering great performance in any kind of conditions including high mountains and extreme terrain. A Winter on the Session 89 last year showed us how versatile and fun they really are. While their broad shovel features lots of splay for easy floatation, the sturdy camber and flat tails give the Session amazing stability at higher speeds and great edge hold in difficult snow. We usually compare the powder performance of the Session 89 to other skis in the 95 mm underfoot range, and the Session 98 to skis in the 105 mm underfoot range. 

You’ll love the Movement Session if:

  • You are an intermediate or an expert skier
  • You like to ski fast(er)
  • You ski a very wide variety of conditions but you don’t want a massive quiver
  • You like a lively ski that doesn’t feel like a noodle

Movement Session 89 W, Movement Session 89, Movement Session 98

The Alp Tracks family represents the best of what Movement has to offer. A precise 100% handmade construction, some very light wood, lots of carbon fiber and hard bases makes the Alp Tracks highly sophisticated skis that offer tons of power for their weight. While there is some overlap with the Session family in the narrower skis (different construction, same shapes), Movement offers 2 powder-touring: the Alp Tracks 100 and the Alp Tracks 106. Expect straighter skis, a healthy amount of tip rocker and a more pivoty feel thanks to some tail rocker. Don’t think of those Alp Tracks as one of those super soft powder-exclusive skis though. The Movement secret sauce gives them all the power you need to ski back down through difficult conditions after a day spent up high slaying deep powder. Light, friendly, powerful, beautiful, what else could you ask for? 

You’ll love the Movement Alp Tracks if:

  • You are an intermediate to expert skier
  • You want to levitate up the skintrack on deeper days
  • Your backcountry skiing mostly happens in soft and deep(er) conditions
  • You don’t want to have the same ski as all your friends (we are the only canadian dealer)
  • You are looking for something floaty and manoevrable but don’t want to give up stability 

Movement Alp Tracks 100, Movement Alp Tracks 106

The Race Pro skis are Movement's uphill weapons. From the skimo-specific Race Pro 66 to the couloir and traverse hunting Race Pro 77, those skis are designed to take you much further much faster. Expect directional skis that have great grip but that will feel a bit more demanding to be kept on leash. An exclusive tool for skiers on a mission!

You'll Love the Movement Race Pros if:

- You are a good skier looking at a specialized quiver ski

- You ski mostly harder snows

- You want to be the fastest on the skintrack

- Weight (or lack of weight) matters

Movement Race Pro 66, Movement Race Pro 77

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